Fisk (2016-2018)

Venue: Teater Katapult, then touring
Company: Tortoise in a Nutshell & Teater Katapult
Director: Ross MacKay
Designer: Ana Inés Jabares-Pita

Photos: Jens Peter Engedal

Fisk originally premiered at Teater Katapult in Aarhus, Denmark in autumn 2016, and received its UK premier as part of the Manipulate Festival in January 2017. Since then it has continued to tour both locally and internationally.


Press Quotes

striking and beautiful visual imagery – the little man-sized paper boat lost in a huge blue sea of rolling fabric, under superb lighting by Simon Wilkinson

Joyce McMillan, The Scotsman

a beautifully made piece of visual theatre, continually presenting its audience with memorable and evocative image

Andrew Edwards, Exeunt Magazine

rendered simply yet powerfully by Ana Ines Jabares-Pita, the designer, and Simon Wilkinson, the lighting designer

Allan Radcliffe, The Times

As Simon Wilkinson’s lighting turns icy white, he becomes flat and anaemic, a figure almost indistinguishable from the seascape around him – and all the more disposable because of it

Mark FisherThe Guardian

lighting from Simon Wilkinson that reflects the shifting moods so effectively, from the cold icy blue of separation to the warm hues of shared joy.

Irene Brown, Edinburgh Guide

the rich colours of lighting designer Simon Wilkinson set against the viscous darkness offer a small glimmer of humane light

Dominic Corr The Reviews Hub