HeLa: 2013 & 2014

Company: Iron Oxide
Venue: Edinburgh Festival & International Tour
Director: Graham Eatough
Designer: Becky Minto
Composer: Danny Krass

Photos: Douglas Robertson / Val Adamson

HeLa was originally presented as part of the Edinburgh International Science Festival. It was further developed and performed as part of the 2013 Made in Scotland season at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, prior to an international tour in 2014, playing India, Trinidad, Brazil, Jamaica, South Africa and New Zealand, along with dates throughout the UK.

HeLa won the 2013 Scottish Arts Club award, and was nominated for a Total Theatre Award and the 2013 Amnesty International Freedom of Expression Award


Press Quotes

 "Simon Wilkinson’s lighting sharply cuts into the space, flinging Onashile into another chapter of the spiralling tale"

Terry O'Donovan, Total Theatre

"With the help of multi-media projectors and expert lighting and poignant sound effects, the Henrietta Lacks story comes to life on stage"

Richard Johnson, Jamaica Observer