The Dark Carnival (2019)

Written by Matthew Lenton
Music by A New International

Venue: Citizens Theatre @ Tramway, then touring
Company: Vanishing Point
Director: Matthew Lenton
Designer: Kenneth Macleod

Photos: Mihaela Bodlovic

The Dark Carnival was nominated for Best Design in the 2019 CATS Awards


Press Quotes

the whole scene stunningly lit by Simon Wilkinson

Joyce MacMillan, The Scotsman

designer Kenneth MacLeod’s lovely black box (brilliantly illuminated, and expertly darkened by Simon Wilkinson)

Mark Brown, The Telegraph

The interplay between Smith’s compositions and the painterly visuals, created by the set and costume designer Kenneth Macleod and the lighting designer, Simon Wilkinson, is immediately seductive

Allan Radcliffe, The Times

Visually, the production is beyond reproach. Kenneth MacLeod’s marvellous multi-level set is serviced brilliantly by Simon Wilkinson’s lighting – frames of light, slabs of darkness, all filigree and shadow.

Hugh Simpson, All Edinburgh Theatre

swathed in celestial light and shade conjured up by Simon Wilkinson

Neil Cooper, The Herald

Simon Wilkinson’s lighting is as sumptuous as it is hard-working, neatly framing the separate, above-ground area so that the living can be seen by the dead.

Thom Dibdin, The Stage

Stunning lighting by Simon Wilkinson brings MacLeod’s set to life, and wonderfully interplays theatre and gig lighting aesthetics.

Ryan Hay, The Skinny